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TheMIND of Champion 2017
Date : March 18, 2017
TheMIND of Champion 2017
MOC'17 piloted the tagline "People, Purpose and Passion" featuring Mr S.K. Sundaram (Founder of Enrico's and Raviraj Sdn. Bhd.), Mr Shanjhey Kumar Perumal (Local Movie Director) and Mr Kuben Mahadevan (Local Movie Actor). This year it was conducted in a forum manner in aim to encourage dialogue between the youths and panel members moderated by Ms Sushmeetha Morugan. The panel members shared their success stories and experiences toward achieving their goals. Mr Sundaram stated students should be allowed to be independent and taught entrepreneurship from young. Mr Shanjhey touched on how change should begin from within oneself, which will create a ripple effect on changing the community at large. Mr Kuben explained on how we are all bound to make mistakes and learn from it in our journey towards success. MOC'17 also featured the presentation of TheMIND Award 2016 for excellent achievements in undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
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