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TheMIND Initiatives
Micro- Entrepreneurship Development Clinic (MEDC)
Date : November 03, 2012
Aim : To guide micro-entrepreneurs on developing a proper business plan and to help source funding.
A total of three (3) clinics were conducted from 29thJanuary 2011 to 3rd November 2012. Participants came from various fields and seeked guidance on business related matters such as funding for new business or business expansion, marketing strategy, to get insights to business before start, to write business proposal etc. Many valuable ideas and opportunities were shared by Y Bhg Dato' Pardip Kumar Kukreja and the panel members. In many cases, immediate solutions/clarifications were provided to participants such as offering a venue to learn trading business, partnering with a saloon academy for skilled workers issue, strategic planning to start up a restaurant, marketing ideas and funding opportunities.
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