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Stepping Out: A Guide To Successful CV Writing & Interview Skills 2011
Date : November 12, 2011
Aim : To create awareness amongst undergraduates and young graduates on the skills to write successful curriculum vitae (CV) and perform effectively at job interviews
The programme is designed in a workshop format to groom individuals foraying into the working world, with an immediate focus on CV writing and interview skills. The speakers included Ms Gayatheri Silvakumer of MAXIS Berhad and Ms. Banumathy Devi of Taylor's University. Ms. Gayatheri offered a corporate perspective, creating awareness within the participants of the needs and pace of the employment world. Ms Banumathy Devi ran 2 workshops namely, the Fix Your CV Clinic and Interview Skills workshop. Participants also received appraisals of their own curriculum vitae, which they were required to submit to the organisers prior to the event. Participants that submitted their CV prior to the event received direct feedback and critique of their CV. Based on feedback forms, participants indicated that the speakers and content were relevant and above expectation.
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